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The React ecosystem provides a number of different frameworks to suit every use case. Create React App excels at Single Page Applications, while Gatsby is an excellent tool for creating balzingly fast static sites (although they have recently introduced features that now allow it to work with dynamic data). How is it so fast? Gatsby prebuilds every page in a site at build time, and uses code-splitting and other tools such as image optimisation and prefetching to ensure pages load almost instantly and images are delivered optimised and and the correct size.



I'm not a designer. I have trouble drawing a stick-man, nevermind designing a websites with numerous pages and different sections on each of those pages. In fact my design process normally building a site with the content I have, making sure layout in terms of spacing, whitespace, line-heights and font size rythmn are all correct, and then trying to spruce up the 'design' at the end of the build. It's a frustating, especially since I can build someone else's design extremely quickly - build this [](sample Twitter page) took no time at all.