I love building apps using beautiful code.

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Selected Projects

Cover Image for Journaling App

Journaling App

A desktop and mobile journaling app written in React and React Native respectively. The app allows logged-in users to create a record of their lives through creating posts which can then be 'tagged' or assigned to a user-defined subject or category. Posts are given a geolocation and their date of creation is recorded. Posts can then be viewed independently, either by subject, date, or location.

Cover Image for Digital Marketplace

Digital Marketplace

A React app that allows users to sign up and list their domain names or side-projects for sale. Listings can be upvoted by logged-in users. Domains can be filtered by price, tld, industry, domain rank or upvotes. Potential purchasers can directly message domain owners and have access to a fully featured live chat application within the site. Users have a dashboard where they can view their listed and upvoted posts, and edit or delete posts.

Cover Image for Game of Life

Game of Life

Building John Conway's Game of Life in React. Game of life is a procedural simulation of an evolutionary process. Simply activate cells on the grid and start the simulation. Cells live or die according to the following rules. Any live cell with fewer than two or more than three live neighbours dies (overpulation). Any dead cell with exactly three live neighbours becomes a live cell (reproduction).

Cover Image for Sample Agency Landing Page

Sample Agency Landing Page

A simple, sample web development agency site built using Gatsby as a proof of concept for making static websites that score a perfect one hundred in a Google Lighthouse test. Although simple, the site is relatively heavy on images, and also includes animations, yet still scores perfectly with Google.

Blog Posts

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A Look Behind This Site

A quick look at the technology behind this site, and techniques I used to build it.

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Tools I Use as a Developer

A brief look at some of tools I consider to be most imortant and useful when I'm developing sites and apps, and why.